Kent State Students for a Democratic Society

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) strives to build a long-lasting and resilient political organization led by students and youth, to fight back against the system we live under controlled by the rich. The following principles outline the issues that matter to students and youth that we organize around.

Currently, our campuses are not run with the interests of students and working people in mind. Administrations want to invest in military technology and to become expensive, exclusive and “elite.” We are fighting to win diverse and accessible campuses, affordable education, and vibrant curricula.

We also take the fight beyond just our campuses. We organize in our communities and workplaces to protect each other from police terror, deportations, war, and to liberate each other from a capitalist society. Such a society leaves working and oppressed people powerless to control our lives, and often our friends and family die overseas, suffer from addiction, die of poverty and of neglect. The ability to liberate ourselves will be based on our resolve to be committed and visible organizers and to strike blows from the front lines against racist administrators, police, politicians, and all others who maintain our oppression.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is a radically progressive, multi-issue student organization working to build change in our schools and communities!