Special Interest Student Organizations

  • 4 the Love of Paws

    Contact: Melanie Hudock | 4LPKSU@gmail.com
    This student organization/club will be for ALL Animal Lovers :) We will be doing things like having animal related speakers for people interested in an animal related majors or jobs, and creating awareness for things you can do to support animal welfare.

  • Body Acceptance Movement

    Contact: Megan Carrasco | mcarras1@kent.edu | https://www.facebook.com/KsuBAM
    The KSU Body Acceptance Movement (BAM) strives to educate, guide and support members of the campus community towards a lifestyle of body acceptance.
    This year the Body Acceptance Movement is expanding. We are planning on doing campus wide campaigns to bring awareness to the issue of body acceptance and steps we can take toward improving self esteem. Start with the little things. Love yourself for everything you are and how you look is for sure not everything you are. Join us every other Monday in room 313. Follow us on twitter @kentBAM

  • Ceramics Club

    Contact: Gabriel Poucher | goucher@kent.edu

  • Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization

    Contact: Kevin Heller | kheller6@kent.edu | https://www.kent.edu/coso
    To serve as an active voice and an advocate for the commuter population. To provide services that will benefit commuter students. To establish a partnership with the K.S.U. body and the Kent community. To provide a home away from home for commuter students.

  • Environmental Conservation Group

    Contact: Pawel Rybak | prybak@kent.edu

  • Exquisite Inc. Modeling Troupe

    Contact: Sade Moose | smoose2@kent.edu

  • Fashion Student Organization

    Contact: Jessica Ballas | jballas1@kent.edu
    The Fashion Student Organization is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to get involved in special events, like fashion shows and competitions.

  • Flash Harmony

    Contact: Kayla Ivey | kivey@kent.edu

  • Kent ASL Club

    Contact: Amy Fetterman |  kentaslclub@gmail.com | https://www.facebook.com/groups/kentaslclub/
    The Kent ASL Club will function as a special interest group based on KSU's main campus, but open to all KSU students, faculty, and local community members. This student organization aims to increase members' knowledge of Deaf Culture, enhance student involvement in the Deaf Community, and promote Deaf Awareness on the KSU Campus. The Kent ASL Club will achieve these goals through fostering professional relationships with local Deaf Communities, helping to increase members' knowledge of sign, and aid in improving the members' signing abilities through "hands-on" learning opportunities.

  • Kent Books to Prisoners

    Contact: Therese Tapajna | ttapajna@kent.edu

  • Kent State Anime Society

    Contact: Katrina Suing | ksuing@kent.edu | http://kentstateanimesociety.wikispaces.com/
    Club focusing on watching and discussing Japanese animation, with additional focus on Japanese comics, games and culture.

  • Kent State Bronies and Pegasisters

    Contact: Jason Meek | jmeek8@kent.edu

  • Kent State Film Society

    Contact: Maggie Fernald | mfernald@kent.edu | http://www.facebook.com/groups/136598133137171/
    The Kent State Film Society is all about the love of movies. Is film-making your passion? Is watching movies a hobby of yours? We discuss every aspect of movies, from cinematography and directing to acting and animation; from new popular franchises to classics/cult classics, and more! We've watched cerebral science fiction, drama, foreign films (French, Korean, Japanese, Italian), classics, documentaries, action, adventure, period dramas, romantic comedies... Don't let the words "Film Society" scare you. That's just to make us sound official and cool. This is a social club, so the aim is to connect and make friendships while experiencing the world of cinema. The club watches movies and goes to events, such as Real Late Reels (free movies in the Kiva) and $5 Monday movies at the Kent Plaza Theater (which is just off campus).

  • Kent State Jazz Society

    Contact: Parry Lopez | plopez1@kent.edu

  • Kent State Pokemon League

    Contact: Bruce Walton | bwalton@kent.edu

  • Kent State University History Club

    Contact: Zelda Bravo | jzbravo@kent.edu

  • Kent State University Mindful Meditators

    Contact: Robert Butlien | rbutlien@kent.edu

  • Kent State University Textile Club

    Contact: Anna Routson | aroutson@kent.edu

  • Kent State University Veterans Club

    Contact: Brian Stofiel | bstofiel@kent.edu

  • KSU Bird Club

    Contact: Douglas Marcum | dmarcum2@kent.edu

  • KSU Duel Academy

    Contact: Mitchell Hitchcock | mhitchc3@kent.edu

  • KSU Magic: The Gathering Community

    Contact: Jonathan Yoder | jyoder26@kent.edu

  • KSU Magical Arts Society

    Contact: Travis Askew | taskew@kent.edu

  • KSU Troupers

    Contact: Ian Terbovich | iterbovi@kent.edu

  • Legacy Dance Team

    Contact:Jordan Lewis | jlewis78@kent.edu

  • Modista: Minority Fashion Group

    Contact: Kasia Gibbs |  kgibbs5@kent.edu

  • PRIDE! Kent

    Contact: Brandon Stephens | bsteph13@kent.edu

  • Pre Law Club

    Contact: Kyle McClain | kmccla11@kent.edu

  • Recycled Knowledge

    Contact: Darrius McReynolds | dmcreyno@kent.edu

  • SAS Student Group

    Contact: Dylan Grimm | dgrimm7@kent.edu

  • Students Striving to Enhance Technical Theater

    Contact: Cody Bartley | cbartle@kent.edu

  • Kent Clarks

    Contact: Jason Watkins | jwatki11@kent.edu

  • Time Lord Syndicate

    Contact: Daniel Domen | ddomen@kent.edu

  • To Write Love on Her Arms

    Contact: Olivia Wells | owells1@kent.edu

  • Transforum Theater

    Contact: Daniel Ebert | debert4@kent.edu

  • Writers' Workshop

    Contact: Ian Cassidy  | icassidy@kent.edu