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Kent Indian Association

Kent Indian Association is a cultural organization that promotes Indian culture, celebrates major Indian festivals, organizes sports events and also assist Indian students with their career and academics by building alumni relations.It is one of the largest organizations in or around Kent and continues to be one.
It helps new Indian students understand American culture and get aquainted with the environment.


General membership meetings will be held twice a month on Fridays 6.30 pm, with additional meetings called by President as needed. Notice of additional meetings will be given to all members in the most timely manner possible but not less than one week.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the association is open to any and all Indian students, faculty, and staff at Kent State University. Active membership will be determined by active participation and coordination in the events conducted by the association. Once a student graduates or ceases to be a student at the university, his/her active membership in the association will cease.



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