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Kent State Pokémon League

The place to be where a trainer can earn real gym badges, trade Pokémon with other trainers, and battle the Elite 4!

We play the TCG and video game. We are open to all sorts of trainers, from the casual collector to the Smogon/ VGC competitive player. We host tournaments, local gym/ Elite 4 battles, and fun Saturday night events!

We are known for our Halloween and end-of-spring tournaments!

We also have actual support from Pokémon Play!


We meet every Saturday in the Student Center from 5 pm to 8 pm (information about where is updated on our sites). This is where everyone can address their concerns with the League, offer support for the League, challenge gym leaders, or participate in our friendly Saturday tournaments.

Membership Requirements

Anyone can be a member of the KSPL!



The Pokemon Company International


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