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Kent State Xtreme Bots

The Xtreme bots team is a group of students that brainstorm, design and the create/build robots to take into battle against other teams at various "battle bots" competitions.

The team meets once a week at the College of Aeronautics and Engineering. With the help of a machine shop and other donors, most materials and needed supplies are donated to the team.
The team competes in the battle bots competition in Dayton, Ohio annually. Additionally, a college only competition has also been proposed for this season.


Will be decided via poll. If one can not attend those meeting they can speak to a board member and find a time to work in lab and still be considered a full time member.

Membership Requirements

Must be able to 50% of meetings to be considered a full time member and go to competitions.



Xtreme Bots - Dayton Ohio


Campus Location