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The Navigators

We believe we live a world longing to be set right again with people asking “if this is all there is, then why do I still feel like something is missing?” The Bible is not just a book to us but a story of how God is going to set the world right again. In hit songs we often hear lyrics like “I didn’t know I was broken till I wanted to change” and “I will die for my own sins, thanks a lot, we will rise up ourselves thanks for nothing at all”. We believe without Jesus we cannot change and that if we have to die for our sins we cannot rise up ourselves. Because of Jesus we now have a relationship with God that gives us the wholeness we were looking for and we want others to know this good news.


Large group NavNight meeting every Wednesday at 8:30 in Bowman 133.

Membership Requirements

All are welcome and there is no membership required to be involved or to participate. Officer positions require voting membership and to be a voting member you must be involved in small groups and large (80%) for one year.

Social Media

Twitter: @kentnavs
Instagram: kent_navs



The Navigators


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