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Nepalese Student Association at Kent State University

Nepalese Student Association at Kent State University (Kent-NSA) is a non-political organization established in 2005 to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among Nepalese students. It promotes Nepali culture and organizes social and cultural events as far as practicable. Kent-NSA strives to establish harmonious relationship with the American and other international students. It also extends its relation with other social and cultural organizations inside and outside the Kent State University for mutual cultural exchange. Kent-NSA believes in the human rights and the freedom of expression.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the association shall be open to any and all students, faculty, and staff at Kent State University. Active membership shall be determined by the following two criteria.
1.1 He / She must be Nepali and Nepalese origin.
1.2 He / She must be a currently enrolled student of Kent State University with at least three hours of
University course work or dissertation. Once a student graduates or ceases to be a student at the University, his/her active membership in the association shall cease.
Section 2:
Besides the active members, the association shall have two other types of members
(a) an affiliate member and
(b) an honorary member.
2.1 An affiliate member is one who is taking less than three hours of University course work or one who is not currently enrolled. Such members may not outnumber student members, hold office, vote for officers, or vote on the expenditure of money. They may not schedule university facilities or services on behalf of the organization. Such members are expected to know, understand, and abide by all university rules and regulations.
2.2 The association has a provision to extend an honorary membership to distinguished Nepalese and/or international personalities who have contributed in his/her field in a way that honoring him/her by this membership the association can take pride and feel honored itself.



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