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Psychological Science's Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program (PMP) is an organization that is dedicated to fostering a fun and successful college experience. Underclassmen Psychology majors and minors (Freshmen/Sophomores) are paired with an upperclassman (Junior/Senior) mentor who is responsible for helping and answering any questions and concerns. Events will be held throughout the year to give students a chance to connect with other students, graduate students, and faculty.
This organization is 100% free to join!


Mentor and Mentee Pairs/Trios are required to meet once each full school month.
Fall: September, October, November.
Spring: February, March, April.

All Members are required to attend at least 1 social event per semester. There will be many events planned to fill this requirement. We also will be holding monthly PIT Stops (Peer Interaction Times) for members to stop in for games, studying, or visits. Time commitment is a total of 2-3 hours per month for a mentor and 1-2 hours per month for a mentee

Membership Requirements

1 Mentor is paired with 1-2 Mentees based on our application. The application is designed to help us pair students based on personal and educational interests and goals.

Mentor: Major in Psychology, 3.0 GPA, Application, Resume, Any Class Level Above a Second Semester Sophomore.

Mentee: Major or Minor in Psychology and Application. Any Class Level or GPA

Social Media

Facebook: Kent State's Psychology Peer Mentor Program
Instagram: @ksupmp
President's Cell: 330-631-6478
President's Email: