California Teaching Certifications

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  • Journalism Teaching Endorsement: California has no separate authorization to teach journalism. The state of California does not have the statutory subject of journalism. Journalism is subsumed under the English major or department and is not taught as a subject in California public schools so there is no requirement for a journalism teaching endorsement in any of our schools.
  • Pass state assessment or certification test/s (tests needed): California teachers preparing to instruct at the elementary level are required to pass the subject-matter examination. Teachers preparing to teach in the secondary level, however, may complete either a subject-matter program (coursework) or the examination. The Commission-approved examinations in subject matter are administered by the National Evaluation Systems and are called the CSET or California Subject Examinations for Teachers.
  • NCATE or National Accreditation required: No – National Accreditation is not a California requirement.
  • Accepts candidates from states participating in the NASDTEC Interstate Contract: California DOES participate in the Interstate Certification Compact for teachers and administrators and the NASDTEC Interstate Contract (Teachers only).

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