Kentucky Teaching Certifications

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  • Journalism Teaching Endorsement: No, all teachers certified in English may teach journalism. Kentucky does have a restricted base certificate for Journalism only, but it is held by very few people.
  • Pass state assessment or certification test/s (tests needed): For the Journalism restricted base certificate, KY does not require a content Praxis test, but we would require the pedagogy Principles of Learning & Teaching #0524.
  • NCATE or National Accreditation required: NCATE is a requirement for all our certifications, yes, or in KY, state approval of the IHE’s program as KY uses the NCATE model to accredit our state institutions.
  • Accepts candidates from states participating in the NASDTEC Interstate Contract: Kentucky DOES belong to the Interstate Certification Compact (with contingencies) and the NASDTEC Interstate Contract (Teacher with qualifications).

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