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  • Journalism Teaching Endorsement: No - PA does not issue a journalism certificate, rather a communications certificate. Journalism is one of many areas that can be taught under a communications certificate. Certification is required for teaching journalism in PA's public schools.
  • Pass state assessment or certification test/s (tests needed): PA does require tests for certification. We require Praxis tests, specifically Praxis I (reading, writing and math pre-professional skills tests) and Praxis II (content-specific tests and in some cases a general knowledge test).
  • NCATE or National Accreditation required: Yes and No - Aside from a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree, PA requires the completion of a state-approved teacher education program, which is a series of education and content coursework, a college-supervised student teaching, and, of course, the tests. PA will also consider individuals for certification if they have three years of teaching experience within the last seven years under another state's comparable or broader certificate even if they have never completed a state-approved teacher education program.
  • Accepts candidates from states participating in the NASDTEC Interstate Contract: Pennsylvania DOES belong to the Interstate Certification Compact (Teachers), the NASDTEC Interstate Contract (Teachers, Support Professionals, Administrators and Vocational Educators).

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Deb Haines (717 PA TEACH)

Individuals interested in becoming certified in PA should certainly check out our website or they can contact the Certification Services Call Center at 717.PA.TEACH (724.3228) where a representative should be able to answer any questions.