Virginia Teaching Certifications

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  • Journalism Teaching Endorsement: Yes and No - A person who holds either an English endorsement or a Journalism endorsement may teach journalism.
  • Pass state assessment or certification test(s) (tests needed): While there is no specific test or assessment associated with the endorsement, it is possible a person seeking initial licensure in Virginia will have to complete testing requirements relevant to their first area of endorsement. For example, a person who has completed a state-approved teaching program for history and social science, who also has an interest in and has completed coursework in journalism, and who does not meet the assessment exemption criteria stated in the assessment document below will be subject to the VCLA (basic skills assessment) and the Praxis II (content knowledge) for history social science. With completion of at least a bachelor's at a regionally accredited school and completion of the endorsement requirements for history and social science, this person could earn the journalism endorsement if he or she has completed the 15 semester hours referenced in the regulations.
  • NCATE or National Accreditation required: Yes - As indicated in regulations, the applicant for licensure must hold at least a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Likewise, the coursework completed for licensure and endorsement must be completed at a regionally accredited school.
  • Accepts candidates from states participating in the NASDTEC Interstate Contract: Virginia DOES belong to the Interstate Certification Compact.

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Virginia State Department of Education

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