Washington DC Teaching Certifications

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  • Journalism Teaching Endorsement (yes/no): No, there is no separate license to teach Journalism. It's currently covered under the secondary English license.
  • Pass state assessment or certification test/s (tests needed): Yes, teachers must pass an English Content Knowledge and a pedagogy exam.
  • NCATE or National Accreditation required (yes/no): Teachers are not accredited - teacher preparation programs must go through the accreditation process. NCATE accreditation is required for our university-based preparation programs.
  • Accepts candidates from states participating in the NASDTEC Interstate Contract: District of Columbia does NOT belong to the Interstate Certification Compact and the NASDTEC Interstate Contract (Teachers and Administrators).

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Erika Lomax, erika.lomax@dc.gov

Download the Teacher License Regulations for DC Schools

Download the Title 5 Teaching Credential Requirements