AI-Ready Educator

This recognition uplifts educators who have demonstrated a commitment to learning about artificial intelligence (AI).  By participating in 4 workshops (at least 3 different one-hour sessions) and reflecting on AI, educators are showing their dedication to understanding this major influence in higher education.

The workshops are designed for KSU instructors but are open to all those involved in student success.  The workshops are held virtually multiple times throughout the Summer, Fall & Spring semesters.  Learn more about upcoming workshops on the CTL website by clicking here.

Workshops can also be requested for a specific unit by emailing

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In order to earn this recognition, you will:

1.  Participate in 4 AI-related workshops (at least 3 different one-hour workshops)

  • One-Hour workshops:  5 topics offered
    1. Crafting & Communicating AI Policy
    2. Strategies to Support Responsible Student Use of AI
    3. The Impact of AI on Student Writing:  Critical Considerations for Instructors
    4. KSU Faculty Reflect on AI
    5. Responding to Unexpected AI Use
  • 30-min workshops:  6 AI Playground topics offered
    1. Enhancing Engagement with AI
    2. Image & Visual Content Creation with AI
    3. Creating Case Studies with AI
    4. AI-Assisted Quiz & Assessment Questions
    5. Summarization with AI Tools
    6. Rubric & Feedback Generation

Click here to view the upcoming workshops and register

2.  Reflect on what you learned about AI as it relates to your teaching after each session (prompts below)

  • What is your top take away from this session?
  • In what ways has learning about AI affected your perception of AI? (150-250 words)
  • What steps do you plan to take in the future related to AI and your teaching/student learning?  (150-250 words)
  • (Optional) If there is specific support CTL can offer, please describe that.
  • (Optional) Sharing what you’ve done (assignment/syllabus statement, assignment with student use of AI, etc.) & let us know what degree of sharing you are comfortable with

3.  Submit your responses via Qualtrics survey linked below or by typing in a URL  Upon participation and appropriate reflection from 4 workshops (at least 3 different one-hour sessions), you and your unit leader will receive notification of your well-earned recognition.  CTL will also share publicly who has earned this recognition.  

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