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Are you interested in trying something new in your classroom? Do you have questions about how to best support student learning?  Sign up below for a one-on-one or group consultation with a CTL staff member.

During the consultation, we will ask questions to get to know your teaching preferences and work with you to brainstorm evidence-based teaching strategies that will best suit your classroom needs.

Consultations are confidential.  Feel free to email ctl for general consultations or fill out the form below.  

Consultations can be on 

  • Career Development
    • student surveys of instruction
    • feedback from students
    • teaching recognition awards
  • Student success
    • assessing student learning
    • metacogniton
    • motivation
    • syllabus design
    • inclusive and equitable pedagogy
  • Evidence-based Innovations
    • Technology-enhanced pedagogy
    • Gamification 
    • Active learning
    • Group work
    • Discussions
  • Community of practices / learning communities
  • Classroom Environments
    • space design
    • laboratory
    • studio
    • flipped
    • hybrid
  • Program or Unit-wide requests/support