Featured Faculty of the Month

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New Featured Faculty: Amy Damrow, Rekha Sharma and Gregory Tinkler

Amy Damrow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Foundations, Leadership and Administration | College of Education, Health and Human Services | Stark Campus

Amy Damrow

Dr. Damrow is being recognized for her collaborative approaches to research, teaching and learning with students.  Her collaborative research project involving Kent State University students (Damrow, A. L., & Sweeney, J. S. (2019). Beyond the bubble: Preparing preservice teachers through dialogue across distance and difference. Teaching and Teacher Education80, 255-265) served as the inspiration for the play How Can I Say This So You Will Stay?  The play follows a group of student teachers thrust into an academic study on difficult dialogues and was recently read live at the Tank Theater in New York City.  Amy’s commitment to student involvement in their own learning is further exemplified by her work as a Teaching Scholar, where she investigated students’ understanding and use of peer evaluation on collaborative assignments.  Further, she has shared the stage with students in the Education Elevated conference, where they presented together on the topic “Elevating Students’ Educational Experiences:  Infusing a Range of Technologies and Inviting Exploration”.

Rekha Sharma, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Communication Studies | College of Communication and Information | Kent Campus

Rekha Sharma

Dr. Sharma is being recognized for her outstanding accomplishments in faculty development.  Dr. Sharma has completed 3 Bronze Awards (Canvas in a Flash, Communication Grammar Review Student Engagement Study, Fostering Cultural Humility in the Classroom), 1 Silver Award (Communication Grammar Review Student Engagement Study), 1 Gold Award (Inclusive Teaching Strategies—Engaging International Students in the Classroom) and 1 Platinum Award (Building Stronger Classroom Communities by Encouraging Cultural Humility).  Essentially, these awards document her extensive efforts to learn about evidence-based instructional practices, implement innovative approaches to teaching, investigate her own teaching through the scholarship of teaching and learning, and disseminate her scholarship so that others may benefit from her work.  Her commitment to her ongoing teaching development and her willingness to share her expertise with others is truly exceptional.

Gregory Tinkler, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Biological Sciences | College of Arts and Sciences | Kent Campus

Gregory Tinkler

Dr. Tinkler is being recognized for his care for students and commitment to evidence-based instructional practices.  A former Teaching Scholar in the Center for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Tinkler is continuously working to improve his students’ learning experiences by focusing on teaching that is informed by research.  For example, he was an early adopter of active learning in biology, using peer instruction approaches as an effective mechanism for him to gauge student learning and to promote their self-assessment of their own learning.  He has partnered with Drs. Dunlosky and Rawson (Psychological Sciences) on their NSF-funded research related to the effects of successive re-learning on student retention of concepts.  Greg believes in holistic care for students, taking time in class for students to process difficult events in the news and in their lives.  He knows that students struggle to learn if they are hungry, so he keeps food in his office for anyone who might need a snack.


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