Featured Faculty of the Month

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New Featured Faculty: Vaneet Kaur, Linda Piccirillo-Smith and John-Michael Warner

Vaneet Kaur, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Management & Information Studies | Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship | Stark Campus

Vaneet Kaur
Dr. Kaur is being recognized for her ability to create a learning environment in which students are active participants in creating their own knowledge.  One of Dr. Kaur’s courses, Business Consulting and Practicum, is one in which students provide consulting services to a community partner while receiving guidance and feedback from the instructor.  Dr. Kaur has deliberately created a learning experiences in which students must “dig deep” into their existing knowledge, applying it to practice, while offering their expertise to both their community partner and their peers.  Dr. Kaur’s nominator, Dr. Greg Blundell writes “Vaneet’s patience and extremely unruffled manner throughout the respective classroom sessions with each student, and student group, is a testament to her strong teaching ability in this incredibly demanding instruction environment.”

Linda Piccirillo-Smith, Senior Lecturer & Communication Skills & Arts Coordinator

Africana Studies | College of Arts and Sciences | Kent Campus

Linda Piccirillo-Smith
Professor Piccirillo-Smith is being recognized for her dedication to student growth.  Linda is a previous Outstanding Teaching Award winner.  She meets her students where they are, understanding that each student brings their own prior writing experiences to her College Writing courses.  She models the growth mindset for her students, encouraging them to improve, one step at a time.  The energy and care she devotes in providing individual feedback and support is exemplary.  In addition to College Writing I and II, Professor Piccirillo-Smith teaches a variety of other courses, such as Introduction to Ethnic Literature of the U.S. and Africana Women’s Literature. 

John-Michael Warner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Art History | School of Art | Kent Campus

John-Michael Warner
Dr. Warner is being recognized for excellence in teaching graduate seminars and dedication to graduate students.  John-Michael starts building a micro-community of developing scholars from the first day in class.  Every grad student is treated as a scholar, using each person's expertise and insights when deciphering and making sense of complex ideas.  Dr. Warner also engages students in connecting theory and practice by having students amend older art catalogues to include feminist/queer thought.  Whether facilitating seminar or mentoring graduate students outside of class, John-Michael enriches the lives of graduate students and helps prepare them for their careers. 

Past Featured Faculty

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Uma Krishnan:  Professor, Department of English | Kent Campus

R.Z. Zhang: Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting | Kent Campus

Amy Damrow:  Assistant Professor, Foundations, Leadership and Administration | Stark Campus

Rekha Sharma:  Associate Professor, Communication Studies | Kent Campus

Greg Tinkler: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Jean Engohang-Ndong:  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Tuscarawas Campus

Ruth Leslie:  Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry | Kent Campus

Karen Mascolo: Associate Professor, College of Nursing | Kent Campus

Marie Gasper-Hulvat:  Associate Professor, Art | Stark Campus

Chi-hua Chiu-Groff:  Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Helen Piontkivska: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences | Kent Campus

Tina Bhargava:  Associate Professor, College of Public Health | Kent Campus

Sharon Sciartelli:  Professor, Psychology | Kent Campus

Robin Joynes: Professor, Psychology | Kent Campus

Andrew Barnes:  Associate Professor, Department of Political Science | Kent Campus

Jennifer Black: Assistant Professor of Dance | Kent Campus

Tamara Honesty: Assistant Professor of Scenic Design | Kent Campus

Joe Ortiz : Professor, Department of Geology  Kent Campus

Jakyung C.  Seo: Associate Professor of Lighting Design | Kent Campus

Stephanie SmithAssociate Professor,  Media and Journalism, Communication Studies  | Kent Campus

Richard Ferdig Professor, Research Center for Educational Technology, Education, Health and Human Services | Kent Campus

Enrico Gandolfi: Associate Professor,  Research Center for Educational Technology, Education, Health and Human Services | Kent Campus

Rachael Blasiman: Associate Professor,  Department of Psychology | Salem Campus

Jeff HustonProfessor, Health Sciences  | Kent Campus

Jill KawalecProfessor and Division Head, Preclinical Sciences and Director of Research, Education, College of Podiatric Medicine | Kent Campus

Wendy Tietz: Professor, Accounting | Kent Campus

Zhiqiang (Molly) WangProfessor, Chemistry and Biochemistry  | Geauga Campus

Nicole WilleyProfessor, English | Tuscarawas Campus