NBC Learn | Center for Teaching and Learning | Kent State University

All Students, Faculty, and Staff at Kent State University have access to NBC Learn Higher Ed


Please take advantage of the opportunity to easily access all the NBC content, use the cue cards, create playlists, share and collaborate, and take notes. Sign up for a webinar to learn more or view the help documents.

Faculty, Students, and Staff can utilize the NBC Learn content in a number of ways:

  • Faculty can include specific videos or categories of videos in their Blackboard Learn courses for students to utilize in Discussion boards, Assignments, Assessments, and in the course Content areas.

  • Faculty, Students, and Staff can browse the NBC Learn videos while on campus without signing in.

  • All Kent State community members with an @kent.edu email address can Register on NBC Learn for an account that allows them to save and organize play lists. Users can easily modify and share play lists with others who have access to NBC Learn.

Other great things about NBC Learn:

  • NBC Learn is 508 Accessible - Users with motor, vision, or hearing disabilities will have the same experience on NBC Learn as every other user.
  • NBC Learn has 24/7 help and support via their Contact Us page and they even take suggestions for videos that should be on the site!
  • Users can search the site by keyword, collection/topic, and date.

NBC Learn Higher Ed On Campus versus Off Campus

The web address for NBC Learn is: http://highered.nbclearn.com/portal/site/HigherEd

  • While utilizing the wireless or Ethernet connection on campus, enter the NBC Learn site and it will recognize you are at Kent State University. You will be able to browse all the content freely without logging in while on campus. You will not be able to create or edit your own play lists until you register/log in.
  • While off campus enter the NBC Learn site and you will be required to register for an account (or sign in with your account) in order to browse freely and in order to create and edit your own play lists.

Playlists on NBC Learn HigherEd versus In Blackboard Learn

Creating playlists on NBC Learn HigherEd allows for more versatility with categorizing and adding videos.

Adding NBC Content through the Blackboard can be done two ways. Either method adds the video(s) to the Blackboard play list but this play list cannot be edited or shared and is separate from the play list you create with your NBC Learn account while on the NBC Learn website.

  1. Build Content > Mash-up adds the video to a play list within Blackboard

  2. Users (all users, including students) are also able to add NBC Content in any text editor window using the Mash-up button. This allows students to include videos in their discussion posts or assignments - anywhere they have access to a text editor menu.

We recommend registering with NBC Learn Higher Ed in order to get full functionality from the play list options and to make it easier to organize and categorize the videos you might want students to view for different classes or different topics within a class.