New Bronze Recipients

Faculty are listed in alphabetical order by their last name.  Their names are followed by the title of the their Bronze Teaching Award Project Title

2023-2024 Academic Year Recipients

  • Daisy Arokiasamy: Inclusive Online Summer Course Set
  • Mark Dalman: Puzzle Me This: Unraveling the Four Hypersensitivities through a Flipped Classroom Jigsaw Acvitity in Medical School
  • Mark Dalman: Establishing Integrative, Genetic Modules of Precision Medicine for Podiatric Students
  • Sonya Irving: Fostering Perserverance in Mathematics
  • Harun Miller: Group Roleplay in History Lecture
  • Chelsea Monheim: Social Psych - Inclusivity Plan
  • Zachary Morris: Student Mentorship in Online Courses
  • Zachary Morris: Create Your Own Public Policy in a Flash
  • Zachary Morris: Video Games in College Teaching
  • Bonnie Shaker: News Literacy in Today's Environment
  • Lori Singer-Bare: Innovation Summer Session - Flipping the Classroom
  • Velvet Weems-Landingham: ZoomRoom Hybrid Course