The Five Elements of DEEDS

element descriptions
Academic Success

The academic success of our diverse students is centered on services offered through the designation of support systems located within academic colleges and our target outreach efforts to underrepresented populations.

Professional Pathways

At Kent State, the professional pathways of our diverse students are concentrated on promoting individualized and intentional career development experiences.

Institutional Commitments

In creating a university environment that affirms, values, and supports every student, it is important to attendĀ to the various institutional elements that impact student success.

Sense of Belonging

Engaging our diverse students on campus will create a sense of belonging among our students. These efforts emphasize the values of community, culture, and empowerment.

Cultural Affirmation

The success of our diverse students is connected tot the degree to which students feel valued, see themselves as a viable part of the Kent State community and find cultural affirmations meaningful present in all facets of Kent State.