The Curriculum Committee (CC)

The CC is composed of the graduate coordinator, undergraduate coordinator, and at least three (3) other faculty members elected by the full-time faculty for terms of three years.  Elections shall be held in the Spring for terms to begin in the Fall. The CC supervises and coordinates the Department’s undergraduate and graduate curricular programs.   The CC makes recommendations on any and all matters which affect the academic programs of the Department including but not limited to course scheduling, faculty proposals for new courses, changes in course content, major requirements, and other curricular matters. The CC reviews and decides student appeals regarding course substitution.   For any curricular changes to be implemented, they must first be approved by the CC.  These changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in scheduling of courses, course content, tracks, and requirements.

The CC shall elect one (1) member with full graduate faculty status to serve on the College Curriculum Committee.  If no member of the CC has full graduate faculty status, the candidate with full graduate faculty status who had the next highest vote total in the election of the CC will serve as an additional CC member and as the Department’s representative to the College Curriculum Committee.