Faculty Code of Ethics

All members of the Department faculty are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards as teachers, scholars, university citizens and colleagues.  The University policy regarding faculty code of professional ethics can be found in the University Policy Register. (See, University Policy 6‐17).


Romantic and/or sexual relationships between individuals (inclusive of faculty, staff, and students) present a conflict of interest if one person has a supervisory, teaching, evaluation, advising, or similar responsibility over another. Relationships of this nature may not continue without making alternative academic/supervisory arrangements.

The person in the position of higher institutional authority has the responsibility to eliminate the conflict of interest. This person must notify their direct supervisor (e.g., Dean or Departmental Chair) of any romantic and/or sexual relationships that pose a conflict of interest, and has a duty to cooperate in making acceptable alternative arrangements. The conflict of interest must be eliminated in a way which minimizes potential for harming the person with lower institutional authority. Individuals who engage in such relationships (i.e., who do not notify their supervisors and do not make acceptable alternative arrangements) are in violation of this policy, and may be subject to sanctions.