Faculty Workload and Workload Equivalents

All full‐time tenured and tenure‐track faculty of the department are expected to carry a maximum workload of twenty‐four (24) credit hours per academic year. Full‐time non‐tenure track faculty members are expected to carry a maximum workload of thirty (30) credit hours per academic year. (See, University Policy 6‐18). The workload for each individual faculty member is assigned by the Chair with the approval of the Dean. The FAC shall advise the Chair on issues related to teaching assignments, class schedules and the appropriate application of workload equivalents. The Chair shall provide each faculty member with a statement of her/his workload.

The department’s specifications for such workload equivalencies are:


Courses                                                        1-15 hours/semester

Graduate student supervision            1 hour/semester


Graduate coordinator                            3 hours/semester

Undergraduate coordinator                3 hours/semester

Minor or certificate coordinator        1 hour/year

Other department service                    1-2 hours/semester


Research                                                     1-3* hours/semester

University service                                    Hours mandated by CBA / semester

*In exceptional circumstances, and with approval of the Chair and Dean, other workload credit may be given in the research category.


In addition, the Chair will, in consultation with the FAC and with the concurrence of the Dean, assign workload equivalencies for specific duties which are considered essential to the academic mission of the Department.  Additional workload equivalencies will also be issued in support of letter of offer agreements. 

In the interest of maintaining a high standard of teaching and the desirability of faculty involvement in research and service activities, overload assignments are strongly discouraged.  Overload assignments (i.e. workload assignments which total more than twenty‐four (24) credit hours per academic year for tenured and tenure‐track faculty and which total more than thirty (30) credit hours for full‐time non‐ tenure‐track faculty) will be made only in unusual circumstances.   Such assignments require the agreement of the faculty member, and the approval of the Chair and the Dean.