To have achieved meritorious work in publications, the faculty member must show a substantial number of publications in high quality outlets. The following works will be considered:

  • Refereed journal article
  • Books (authored): scholarly, monograph
  • Books (edited)
  • Book chapter
  • Edited special issue or conference proceedings
  • Other: book review, refereed communication, technical report, encyclopedia entry

Greater emphasis is placed on first-, corresponding-, and/or sole-authored publications, as well as highly visible publications in well-regarded outlets, such as reputable presses or journals with a high impact factor and broad readership.  

Each work will be considered only once.  Each faculty member may choose whether to have a work considered when it is "in press" or when it appears in print.  It is the faculty member's responsibility to provide written verification that "in press" works have been accepted in final form by the editor or publisher.  New and recent faculty should indicate explicitly what aspects of the research in each publication were performed at Kent in any cases where there might be uncertainty.

The contribution to each publication should be justified.  For each publication with multiple authors, the faculty must indicate what percentage of the total workload he/she contributed to:

  • The idea conceptualization and design;
  • The work performed, both data collection and analysis;
  • The supervision of the work; and

The writing of the publication.