Teaching Activity Evaluation Metrics

  1. Instruction and awards

    Meritorious activity in teaching is identified through a consistent demonstration of high-quality dedication to instruction, as is evidenced through the following means:

    Teaching recognition as evidenced by the following:

    • National teaching award
    • University teaching award or finalist
    • Teaching development grant from KSU
    • College teaching award or finalist
    • Student Evaluation of Instruction scores
    • Peer reviews

    Faculty must list courses taught organized by term; the departmental office will provide results from student evaluations.  Faculty may also add documentation of innovations used in the classroom for consideration.

    Teaching enrichment and development activities as evidenced by the following:

    • Attending continuing education workshops
    • Developing new courses
    • Extensive revision of existing courses

    Documentation and justification must be provided for any of these activities, and where relevant, support on how the activity is related to teaching.

  2. Thesis, Dissertation and Other Individual Supervision

    Supervision is considered meritorious with evidence of exceptional mentorship in terms of graduate students being productive and completing their degree in a timely manner.  Students are counted only upon degree completion.  The faculty member should provide a list of students for which he/she served as:

    • thesis or dissertation advisor or co-advisor
    • thesis or dissertation committee member
    • senior honors thesis advisor or co-advisor
    • honors thesis committee member
    • Independent Study Supervision (does not include advisees)

    The number of years to degree completion should also be provided for any graduate students for which the faculty member is advisor or co-advisor.  Student publications and presentations for which the faculty member served as a mentor should also be listed.

  3. Other Research/Scholarly Activities Not Considered Above

    Faculty may also submit to have additional forms of teaching, not identified above, count for Merit Awards.  He/she must describe the activity and argue for a weight commensurate with those for similar tasks in this evaluation section.