Calling all students to submit expressions of interest for the Design Innovation Fellows Program!

What are DI FELLOWS?

DI Fellows are students from Kent Campus, the regional KSU campuses, NEOLaunchNET universities and other universities across the U.S. who will work in cohorts on short workshops and training sessions; then be curated into collaborative teams to participate/compete in challenge-style events, such as the hackathons and challenge-based charrettes.  The early training for these cohorts might connect to the delivery of the DI Intro course, but will also be facilitated by using our website platform to engage in online/synchronous discussions and lectures.  As such, the DI Fellows will engage in a series of experiences that help them to deeply embed cross-disciplinary collaborative design thinking methods to addressing innovation at the intersections between disciplines.  

Longer-term Kent State DI Fellows (students who are based at Kent Campus or one of the regional campuses) will be able to participate in DI events/experiences continuously during the entirety of their study at the university.

What if you are not from Kent State?

The DI Fellows from others campuses/universities will have at least one initial session on the Kent Campus which would span two days of training/experiences.  If they are successful in completing the initial training program, they will be invited to return to participate in DI-sponsored hackathons and/or other challenge events ranging from 1 – 3 days.  In certain instances, teams may be convened to address specific (sponsored, but not always financially sponsored) challenge-based learning experiences in which the timeframe for the projects might span multiple weeks.  In these instances, there may be a need for multiple campus visits and perhaps site visits to locations that are of critical importance in relation to the problem being addressed.

Why is Kent State creating the DI Fellows program?

By hosting DI Fellows (and their mentors) from each of the NEO LaunchNET universities, each of the regional campuses, and beyond, we help to expose the DI TEAM’s structure and philosophy to our partners at each of these institutions.  Actively recruiting students from across the region to participate in hackathons and other challenge-based-innovation events on the Kent Campus (and in the DI HUB) will hopefully also lead to more collaborative opportunities to support and engage in events offered through programs/facilities such as Case Western’s think[box], Lakeland Community College’s HIVE, Lorain County Community College’s maker spaces and more.  This model of cross-university collaboration under the paradigm of maker-driven entrepreneurial problem-solving and idea generation will help to build awareness not only for Kent State, but for the region.

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