Designer in Residence Program

The Designer in Residence (DIR) will act as a catalyst for demonstrating design innovation in practice through their presence.  The DIR will be responsible for helping to secure and facilitate multiple challenge-based problem events in partnership with the DI Exec Director and DI TEAM. While on campus, the DIR will also be expected to engage in their own practice, which may be a design/studio directed activity but would ideally be at the intersection of disciplines in a manner that helps to illustrate the DI goals.

Calls for the first Design in Residence will go out in the Fall of 2020!

The Designer in Residence will be involved in the mentorship of the DI Fellow cohorts, as well as help to develop and facilitate challenge-based events. Typically the DIR will be associated with their role at Kent State for either 6 months or 1 year.

With the D-innovators in place, we can robustly document, practice, iterate, reflect and report on each event, project, and on the larger strategic and organizational innovations.  The reflections/learnings from this intentionality for documentation will be submitted for publication in public, trade and peer-reviewed venues as a means to build broader awareness for best practices related to the Design Innovation model at Kent State.