Hack to Hatch

Hatchery: The Hatchery is a concept and series of small spaces in the DI HUB that will be shared in management by both the LaunchNET and DI GROUP to host (predominantly) student teams to be supported with the core LaunchNET support, mini-grant funding, and short-term dedicated space (likely a maximum of 9 weeks) to assist teams in due diligence activities to determine if they should bring their ideas into a formal incubation environment (i.e. launch a venture). Students will be eligible to apply for mini-grants to support their access to the Hatchery spaces.

NEO LaunchNET: NEO LaunchNET functions as a collection of entrepreneurial/business development specialists who can provide insight, advice and connection to larger venture/capital resources for student & faculty innovators.

The Design Innovation Team will leverage the key strengths of LaunchNET, expanding their offerings by adding further support for idea generation; incorporating design thinking and creative process methods in cross-disciplinary teams, and then in providing both disciplinary technical support as well as refined feedback and creative presentation techniques for students who have been selected for Hatchery support. In this way, LaunchNET assists with venture creation, finding resources for further venture support, connecting potential student ventures to external funders and agencies, etc. while DI helps to facilitate deeper idea generation through Hatchery support with a solid grounding in maker to market culture.