What is Destination Kent State?

Overview: Destination Kent State (DKS) is a three-step orientation program that includes Destination Kent State Advising and Registration, Kick Off Kent State and the First-Year Experience course. The Advising and Registration portion is an overnight orientation program for new first-year students. Students are given the opportunity to connect with other students, become familiar with campus, get their official Kent State FLASHcard, meet with an academic advisor and register for fall classes. In addition, we welcome parents and guests to attend DKS to learn more about Kent State including financial aid, residence services, commuter services, and strategies to help their student make a smooth transition to college life.

Download Printable DKS Guide (PDF)


During Destination Kent State Advising and Registration, students will stay overnight in an air-conditioned Residence Hall. Students will share a double-occupancy room with another incoming Kent State student. Pod-style bathrooms are located in the hall and have a private, lockable shower and toilet facility. Bed sheets and bath towels are provided.


What to Bring

  • Photo ID
  • FlashLine login and password
  • Sweater or jacket
  • Umbrella and comfortable shoes – We travel around campus rain or shine
  • Pillow, blanket, toiletries and shower shoes

Placement Assessment

Programs that require math and/or foreign language will require students to complete a placement assessment prior to coming to orientation.

Students should review their checklist by clicking My Lists (the check mark icon) the upper right corner of FLASHline to determine which placement assessments are needed. Online assessments will be available starting March 1.

So you are best prepared for DKS, all placement assessments MUST BE COMPLETED NO LATER THAN 3 DAYS BEFORE your DKS visit.

Visit www.kent.edu/advising/placement for more information about placement.

Getting Started

  • It is easy to register for DKS by logging into your FlashLine account www.kent.edu and select My Lists (the checkmark icon) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the University enrollment fee is due, either before, or at the time of DKS registration.
  • Registration begins March 1.
  • There are 18 DKS programs starting on June 3 and ending on June 28. You will select one.
  • On the day of your visit, check-in at the Tri-Towers Rotunda, 76 Cunningham Dr, Kent, OH 44243, between 7:45-9:00 a.m. Bring your overnight items to check-in. For directions to the Kent campus and Tri-Towers Rotunda, visit www.kent.edu/destination.
  • Parking is available in the S-37, S-42, & C-CPA lots – use your Destination Kent State Parking Pass which can be found in your confirmation email or by visiting www.kent.edu/destination.

DKS Program Fees


Students pay no fees to attend Destination Kent State UNLESS early arrival accommodations are requested. All meals will be provided during your visit, and you have the ability to indicate special dietary needs when you register to attend.


Parents and family members are encouraged to attend the DKS program and are assessed a small registration fee (includes meals) to attend.

Parents and guests can commute from home, stay in a hotel, or request on-campus housing. The option to stay overnight in a University residence hall, designated for family members, is available for a fee – this is not mandatory or necessary for families living close to Kent. For lodging options, visit www.kent.edu/destination.

Early Arrival

This is an option for those students and families who need to come the day before their DKS session. You will have the opportunity to indicate your request for early arrival at the time of making your reservation. There is a charge of $25/person for the extra night. Arrival time is between 5:00 - 10:00 p.m. at the Tri-Tower Residence Halls (Rotunda Main Desk).

Family Member Program Fee: $40
Family Member Overnight Fee: $25 per person/per night
Student or Family Member Early Arrival Fee: $25 per person
Accepted forms of payment: Credit card or electronic check


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I do not feel a need to attend Destination Kent State. Is the program mandatory for new students?
A: Yes, the Destination Kent State program is mandatory. Destination Kent State Advising and Registration (the first step of Orientation) is designed to help you feel more comfortable when you begin classes in the fall. At Kent State, we believe in giving students the tools they need to succeed. We make a special effort at Destination Kent State to provide critical information for both commuter students and residence hall students.

Q: I am a commuter student, do I need to stay overnight during DKS?
A: Yes, the overnight portion of the program is designed to allow students a chance to become familiar with the campus and to meet other students. Whether a student will be living in a residence hall or commuting from home, among the most important factors that define successful college students are those who connect with the university.

Q: What should I do if I want to change my major prior to or after attending the program?
A: If you decide to change your major, contact the Admissions office at (330) 672-2444 as soon as possible. It is best to make the changes prior to making your appointment for Destination Kent State so that you can meet with the advisor for your major. If you choose to change your major prior to attending, but after you have already made your reservation for Destination Kent State, please contact the Admissions office at (330) 672-2444. Changing your major may necessitate changing your reservation for the DKS program. If you decide to change your major after attending DKS, contact your academic advisor.

Q: I have taken Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests in high school. How do I get credit for these exams?
A: Kent State awards college credit for Advanced Placement exams with scores of three, four, or five. The Honors College website (www.kent.edu/honors) provides specific information about scores and credit. If you asked the College Board to send your scores to Kent State, your scores will be evaluated in early August when Kent State receives the score report. You will see credit posted onto your Flashline transcript by early September. Kent State awards college credit for most International Baccalaureate exams with scores of five or higher on higher-level exams. Ask your high school International Baccalaureate coordinator to send a copy of your exam report to the Honors College. For more information, go to www.kent.edu/honors and check the IB information link under Academics and Research. Tell the college advisor you meet with during Destination Kent State about the tests you have taken so they can accurately advise you about coursework. Bring your unofficial transcript to DKS.

Q: I took college courses while in high school (either at Kent State or another college/university). Do I need to attend DKS?
A: Yes. Any student who took advantage of post-secondary enrollment option, Advanced Placement, CLEP or International Baccalaureate exams while a high school student, regardless of the number of hours transferred to Kent State, are required to attend the Destination Kent State program. Bring your unofficial transcripts for post-secondary credits.

Q: Is it possible to change my reservation for the Destination Kent State: Advising & Registration program?
A: Yes. Please log back on to the FlashLine web portal (www.kent.edu) and your Student Checklist to change your date, add a guest or add an early arrival request.

Q: Can I get a refund for expenses if I cancel my appointment or reduce the number of people who are attending the program?
A: Family members who cancel their reservation (either for the program, the residence hall lodging, or both) seven or more days PRIOR to their scheduled date will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than seven (7) days in advance will not be refunded. If you do not plan to attend Kent State, please contact the Admissions office in writing to notify them of your plans regarding attending Kent State.