Taylor Petti


Birthday: November 18th

Are you a first generation college student? Yes

Favorite Hobby: Raising backyard chickens.

Fun Fact #1: I have had over 47 animals in my life.

Fun Fact #2: I have played a lead role in seven plays and musicals.

What were some highlights of your first year? Were there offices or specific individuals that helped you during your transition?

One of the highlights of my first year would definitely be my involvement in the Provost’s Leadership Academy. This program helped me learn more about the campus and all of its departments and resources. It also gave me an opportunity to meet other first year students, and work together to create a meaningful project to better the campus and its students. I also took the Peer Leader Training Course where I was inspired by the influence that my trainers, Bella Bowman and Casey Edwards, had on myself and the Kent State University student body. These experiences under Student Success Programs really helped me gain a sense of purpose and find my passion for leadership at Kent State.