Creating an accessible course

Key Points for designing an accessible course


  • Properly captioned videos are marked with a CC Logo beside the video in YouTube.
  • Automated captions provided by YouTube are never fully accurate and generally indecipherable.
  • Properly captioned videos can help a multitude of students, not just those with disabilities.
  • All video content housed within NBC Learn is always properly captioned.

Accessible Course Content

  • Inaccessible PDF documents are indecipherable via screen reader.
  • Alternative text for graphic images is vital in helping students who are using a screen reader understand information presented visually.
  • Utilizing Heading Styles in Microsoft Word allows important information to be properly interpreted via screen reader.
  • Creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word and converting to PDF is simple and only requires a few extra steps.
  • Properly formatting Microsoft Word documents helps all students navigate the content, not just those using a screen reader.