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EIT Product and Services Vendor Questionnaire


An initiative is underway to enhance Kent State University’s electronic and information technology (EIT) accessibility, underscoring our long-standing commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals. Effective May 1, 2017, Kent State has a new policy in place which provides clear expectations for EIT accessibility across all university systems. The policy applies to all staff, faculty and third parties providing electronic and information technology goods or services to or on behalf of the university.

Electronic & Information Technology (EIT) accessibility generally refers to software, hardware, digital content, and content standards that are used to provide and promote equal access to persons with disabilities. In higher education institutions such as Kent State University, the EIT Accessibility “footprint” typically includes, but is not limited to, software applications, web-based information/applications/services, digital documents/materials, procurement processes, and telecommunication and self-contained products.

Process for evaluation of EIT products and/or services

In order to comply with federal law and 4-16 University policy regarding electronic and information technology accessibility, all Kent State University faculty and staff who wish to procure 3rd party EIT products and/or services should have the products and/or services evaluated for compliance prior to purchase and before any new contracts are signed or before existing contracts are renewed. The process is outlined below. Please provide ample time before purchase is needed for vendor to complete form and EIT Manager to review results.

  1. KSU staff and faculty should review the EIT accessibility footprint to determine if the the item you wish to procure falls into the EIT category.
  2. After locating vendor(s) you wish to procure from, ask vendor(s) to complete the Electronic and information technology (EIT) accessibility - products and/or services vendor questionnaire form
    1. NOTE - vendor salespeople should not complete this form - please ask the primary technical lead or other individual who is responsible for accessibility to complete the form
  3. Once vendor completes the questionnaire, the information will be reviewed by the EIT manager for compliance.
  4. When review is complete, EIT Manager will contact the KSU requestor with further details.

Questions and information

For questions about EIT accessibility, the policy, or this process, please contact Jason Piatt, Electronic and Information Technology Manager, Student Accessibility Services via email at jpiatt@kent.edu.