Web Standards | Kent State University

In 2003, the university's Administrative Policy was approved.  It has undergone revisions Oct. 7, 2003, Sept. 19, 2005 and June 1, 2007.  Most recently the Guide to Web Standards, to which the policy refers, was updated in January 2015.

As one of the primary information gateways to and about the university, the website is critical in extending and enforcing the university brand in online spaces. Consistent guidelines are necessary in order to build widespread public awareness of Kent State University's high-quality academic programs and services (promote the university's brand identity) and to ensure those visiting Kent State University through its website can easily find the appropriate resources. Standards are necessary not only to reinforce the Kent State brand, but to ensure a consistent and high-quality user experience.

University Communications and Marketing is responsible for coordination of the institutional website resources, in conjunction with the Division of Information Services. The primary goals of the institutional website include:

  • Student recruitment: undergraduates and graduates;
  • Provision of services and resources to current students and faculty/staff;
  • Faculty and staff recruitment;
  • Enhancement of connectivity with and among alumni;
  • Internal communication;
  • Overall advancement of Kent State’s institutional identity on local, regional, national and international level; and
  • Support of research, teaching and learning.

The following Web standards encompass all websites that are housed in Kent State University’s Web editing system (content management system).  It is required that all websites be housed in the university Web editing system, unless otherwise approved (prior to development) by University Communications and Marketing. 

The Guide to Web Standards is maintained by the University Communications and Marketing Web Team as part of the Kent State University Guide to Marketing. Questions regarding the Web standards can be sent to Web Team by submitting a support ticket.