Campus Dish

Campus Dish is your official online menu guide for all of our Dining Locations on campus. 

Students interested in finding out what's on the menu in our dining locations can go to the Campus Dish website to find our daily meal options and nutritional information.  Once inside the Campus Dish website, you can select a dining location and see the menu for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on any given day of the week. A menu filter option is available that allows you to customize your meal options based on allergens, intolerances and preferences. Campus Dish also specifies vegan and vegetarian options with specific icons, which allows the user to quickly find available options. The website also features an 'Eat Well' option, which allows students to see the healthier options being served for that meal period. 

There is also a Campus Dish app available for download in the Google Play and iTunes Store that will deliver the daily menus straight to a student's phone or mobile device. To use the app, search for "Kent State University", select the campus name and then select the location you would like to view. 

 Visit our Campus Dish Page