Ozzi Reusable Container | Kent State University

Ozzi Reusable Container

Prentice Cafe goes Green!

To encourage students, faculty and staff to join  KSU Dining Services in our Sustainability Campaign for a Greener Campus, Prentice Cafe introduces OZZI, the reusable container which eliminates the traditional disposable of take-out containers in the food industry.

How Ozzi Works:

When you order your food to-go from the dining facility, choose Ozzi (initial purchase five dollars). Your food is placed in a reusable container. After you enjoy your meal, follow these steps:

  • Take your reusable container to the Ozzi Machine
  • Insert the used container in the slot of the Ozzi machine with the bar code facing up
  • Retrieve your Ozzi token
  • Use your Ozzie token for your next to-go meal to receive a new reusable container.