Regional Campuses & College of Podiatric Medicine Faculty and Staff Meal Plans

Faculty and Staff Payroll deduction 

Faculty and staff members can now sign up for a meal plan using payroll deduction. Sign up in Flashline, under additional employee resources. Select employee meal plan, fill out the form and you're ready to go!

Faculty and Staff members are now eligible to purchase a meal plan! This meal plan provides a great options for faculty and staff to save money and enjoy the convenience of eating on campus!

  • You can use your declining balance dollars at any dining location on any campus and your dollars never expire!

  • You can treat friends or guests with your declining balance dollars

  • Meal plans are convenient because there's no need to carry cash - your meal plan is on your Flashcard! 

The 2019-2020 meal plans and rates are proposed and subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

To purchase the following meal plan, please visit or call the FLASHCard Office at (330) 672-2273:


Each Semester - $165.00

The On The Go Plan

  • $165 Declining Balance + $15 bonus!
  • 5% Discount every time you use your meal plan at Seasoned Cafes, Seasoned Markets and Emporium Grille.
  • Any unused Declining Balance dollars will continue to rollover to the next semester until the faculty member leaves Kent State.


Please note: Meal plans are only able to be redeemed by the meal plan holder.