Diversity Advisory Board | Kent State University

Diversity Advisory Board


Diversity Advisory Board Leadership

Board Co-Chairs

Mrs. Roxia Boykin, '71

Mr. Gary Stiffler, '81

Kent State Leadership

Mrs. Alfreda Brown, EdD.

Diversity Advisory Board Members

Ms. Patricia A. Ackerman, PhD., '83

Mr. Stephen Ashley, '75

Ms. Sharlene Chesnes, '93

Mr. T. David Garcia

Mrs. Mirta Gonzalez Prior, '72

Mr. Michael Kavulic, PhD., '17

Mrs. Dana Lawless-Andric, '01

Ms. Marsha Malone

Ms. Ruth Washington, PhD.

Representatives from the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mrs. Sonya Williams, '89


Any questions pertaining to the Diversity Advisory Board are to be routed to diversity@kent.edu or by calling the Office of the Vice President at (330) 672-2442