Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that may assist the ASD student during their college experience.


What is the cost of the ASD services offered on campus?
Are there ASD services available on the regional campuses?
What are the admissions requirements to apply for the university?
Are there scholarships available for ASD students?
Where can I get information about ACT and SAT scores?
How can I get assistance registering for classes?
How can I get information about housing on campus?
Are there specific majors for students with ASD?
Are there tutoring services for ASD students?
Are there career counseling opportunities for ASD students?
Is there a program that can assist ASD students with improving social skills and developing friendships?
Is there a program that can assist ASD students with time management?
Who can I talk to about accommodations?
Is there any assistance available for parents of ASD students?
Is there an advocates program available?
Who can an ASD student talk to if they are having communication issues with faculty?
What options does an ASD student have if they need to increase their GPA in order to graduate?