Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources for Faculty and Staff

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are accepted to Kent State University have the intellectual capacity to learn, develop a career and be contributing members of society. However, many possess a unique learning style, social difficulties, and/or secondary diagnoses that negatively impact the ASD. These students continue to learn how to best manage their learning needs and benefit from understanding, respect and support. Doing so moves them closer to independence and success. The tips in this document provide a general understanding of ASD with suggested strategies. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact Dr. Lisa Audet at or 330-672-2672 with specific questions or to learn more.

Tips for Teaching ASD Students

Website Supporting Students with Autism (added with permission from University of New Brunswick)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

  • The Job Accommodation Network is source of guidance on workplace accommodations for people with disabilities. This site may also assist professors while they provide accommodations to students in their classrooms. Click this link to access their website: The Jan Accommodation Network