Brief History of DEI

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was created in 2009 under President Lester A. Lefton. The leadership of the University Diversity Action Council, committed individuals like Reverend Ronald Fowler and a growing understanding of the importance of inclusion led the University to make a stronger commitment to diversity in the Strategic Plan, creating a Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Under the leadership of Vice President Alfreda Brown, the division has built and supported diversity initiatives throughout the university and has endeavored to infuse a value for equity and inclusion in all decision making. The Division leads the University’s efforts to increase diverse representation, create and sustain equity of opportunity and intentionally foster an inclusive environment.

Beginning in 2012, the Division led the creation and implementation of the five-year Equity Action Plan (EAP) which articulated goals and created institutionalized, sustainable efforts to ensure that the University was moving toward truly inclusive excellence. The University also completed an extensive Climate Study process which will continue to guide our work toward enhancing the climate that our students, faculty and staff experience.

Kent State has been honored numerous times, including as a Diversity Champion and with five consecutive HEED awards, for their ongoing work. With the conclusion of the EAP in 2017, the work of advancing diversity at Kent State is far from over. The University Diversity Action Council, the staff of DEI and indeed all students, faculty and staff have a role to play in the next steps. The university's twelveth President Beverly Warren’s Strategic Roadmap envisions an inclusive environment where diversity is key to the achievement of our goals as a community.