Cultural Competency Series | Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Kent State University

Cultural Competency Series

Part I : Leadership, Mindset & Care

This interactive workshop draws upon the concepts of leadership, mindset and care as foundational elements to building inclusive and positive working and learning environments. Using research and hands-on activities, participants will reflect upon Kouzes & Posner’s leadership principles; Dweck’s mindset research; and, Ferrucci’s characteristics of kindness. These concepts serve as a framework in which participant’s work, academic and personal practices are considered and discussed with emphasis on the ways these concepts foster growth, learning and kindness. Core topics covered: developing a working understanding of leadership, mindset and care and building inclusive leadership and mindset practices to apply to work and learning environments in which care and kindness are prioritized.

Part II : Cultural Competency Basics & Awareness

Through building an awareness of one’s own myths, biases and stereotypes, this workshop seeks to foster a general understanding of cultural competency within participants through interactive dialogues and shared experiences. An emphasis is placed on creating safe spaces for conversation and providing participants with tools to foster inclusive spaces within their own environments. Core topics covered: developing an understanding of cultural competency; self-awareness and understanding of biases, myths and stereotypes; defining diversity; and, building tools, skills and knowledge.

Part III : Understanding Unconscious Bias

Building upon the foundation developed in Cultural Competency Basics & Awareness workshop, this session delves deeper into self-awareness, consideration of one’s actions and ways these actions impact our actions. Activities and dialogue focus on increasing depth and cultivating cultural competency skills within oneself and one’s environment in connection to the nationally researched work on Implicit Bias and Implicit Association. Core topics covered: understanding unconscious bias; developing cultural competency skills; and, understanding one’s own blind spots (Banaji & Greenwald, 2013).

  • All three parts qualify for Kent State University's Beyond Compliance certification.