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Diverse Employee Recruitment Database


DEI annually attends the annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring conference, sponsored by The Compact for Faculty Diversity and hosted by the Southern Education Regional Board (SREB). DEI developed a pipeline of candidates from those who attend this conference for future faculty (and staff) searches. Information Systems and DEI collaborated to build a database where Kent State hiring personnel can request a search of the database for a list of potential candidates. In addition to this, DEI has worked closely to engage Human Resources in various efforts to increase the diversity of the hiring pool.

SREB works with 16 member states to improve public education at every level, from pre-K through graduate education. SREB is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The flagship initiative, SREB Doctoral Scholars Program, provides financial support to doctoral students and aims to increase the number of minority PhD students entering the professoriate. The program, since its existence, has maintained a retention rate of almost 90 percent, and more than 70 percent of graduates have begun careers in the professoriate (or as researchers). 

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