Diversity Advocates for Students: Faculty and Staff Resources

Please find below suggested conversation starters for each contact. These are recommendations, and encourage advocates to allow the conversations to naturally develop with your students. Please jot down notes related to these questions and your conversations. Our goal is to glean from these interactions perceptions, needs, barriers and successes experienced by the students participating in this initiative. Please send the assessment for each interaction by the date listed.

Faculty and Staff Resources:

Review the Advocates for Students Training Presentation

Suggested Conversation Points and Questions
  • Introduce yourself as an advocate.
  • How is everything going?
  • Are you having any financial aid issues?
  • Were you able to get all of your books?
  • Have you met with your advisor?
  • Is your class schedule working for you? Did you have to make any changes to it? If so, why?
  • Are you aware of when your midterms are?
  • Are you aware there are tutoring services and a writing commons available on campus?  Do you need any help getting tutoring?
  • Do you have any questions, needs or concerns?