Diversity Education and Training Lab Offerings

Addressing Microaggressions

Discover how everyday comments and actions can unintentionally hurt or harm someone. Participants will build skills and practice strategies to recognize and interrupt microaggressions.

Bias & Microaggression Continued Learning Guide

Recognizing Bias

Various people, institutions and organizations help shape the way we view the world, sometimes in inaccurate ways. Participants will learn to identify implicit and explicit biases and explore strategies for challenging them in ourselves and others.

Bias & Microaggression Continued Learning Guide

Understanding Race and Racism

Race and racism are significant parts of our society and shape the way it works. Participants will explore their own understandings, discuss how racism is upheld through policy and practice, and develop strategies to disrupt it. 

Race, Racism and Anti-Racism Continued Learning Guide

What Does it Mean to be Anti-Racist?

Anti-racism is a term that is frequently discussed in the public consciousness. This session provides a space to understand what anti-racism really means, safely reflect on where you are in your own journey, and explore how we can practice anti-racism in our communities.

Race, Racism and Anti-Racism Continued Learning Guide

White Allyship

Do you want to learn how to better be in solidarity with people of Color? This training explores  what racism and bias are, the concept of privilege, and what allyship looks like. Participants will then identify and explore specific action steps one can take to advance racial justice.

White Allyship Continued Learning Guide

Working Towards Equity

Have you noticed the conversation shift towards equity and away from equality? This session will examine why. Participants will explore the concept of equity and begin to understand individual and institutional detours to achieving it.

  • All sessions qualify for Kent State University's Beyond Compliance certification.



The Listening Project

The Listening Project aims to foster stronger working relationships among colleagues through intentional dialogue across difference. The program is organized by pairing participants based on factors such as race/ethnicity, gender, or a related workplace difference. Trained coaches foster dialogue between partners in cluster sessions on topics that range from getting to know one another to views on race. Goals of the program include: building of relationships among individuals that normally may not develop a relationship; increased understanding of diversity and inclusion, gender, ethnic and race differences; and, improve the climate and success of diversity at KSU through building trust and credibility.

The Listening project requires 4 facilitated sessions across a semester and encourages 1:1 partner connections outside of those sessions.