Intermediate Workshops

Addressing Microaggressions

Discover how everyday comments and actions can unintentionally hurt or harm someone. Participants will build skills and practice strategies to recognize and interrupt microaggressions. (60 min)

Bias & Microaggression Continued Learning Guide

Intersectionality 101

Intersectionality is a concept that allows us to examine multiple areas of our lives and social identities. During this session, participants will examine what it actually is, discuss the history of the theory and begin to apply an intersectional lens. (60 min)

Intersectionality Continued Learning Guide

Understanding Race and Racism

Race and racism are significant parts of our society and shape the way it works. Participants will explore their own understandings, discuss how racism is upheld through policy and practice, and develop strategies to disrupt it. (90-120 min)

Race, Racism and Anti-Racism Continued Learning Guide

Working Towards Equity

Have you noticed the conversation shift towards equity and away from equality? This session will examine why. Participants will explore the concept of equity and begin to understand individual and institutional detours to achieving it. (90 min)

Working Towards Equity Continued Learning Guide

  • All sessions qualify for Kent State University's Beyond Compliance certification.