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Dr. Oscar Rocha

Lazos, in Spanish "ties" (as in "family ties"), is a culturally and linguistically relevant mentoring initiative focusing on Latinx/Hispanic students, but all students are welcome to participate!

From a unique perspective that takes into account their specific culture and language, Latinx/Hispanic faculty and staff offer one-on-one culturally concordant support to promote student academic success and a sense of belonging.

Students receive support from their mentors (padrinos, madrinas) in a variety of ways. For example, they can receive advice on course selection and recommendations on the sequence in which the courses should be taken; field-specific advice on expectations for successful students; information about enrichment opportunities such as internships, participation in research activities, study-abroad programs and other extracurricular activities; and advice on résumé building, to name a few. Mentors can also help students adjust to campus life, and offer students living away from their families a warm and welcoming place to learn and grow. 

Whether you are a Latinx/Hispanic student or faculty/staff, or anyone who is interested, we invite you to participate! Please complete the corresponding form which will give us information used to best match you with your mentor or mentee.

Lazos is an initiative of Dr. Oscar Rocha, a Costa Rican native, associate professor in the College of Biological Sciences. Dr. Rocha also provides culturally rich study-abroad experiences.

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