Diversifying & Retaining Faculty & Staff, Part I

Part one provides an overview of the faculty and staff searches process and the ways in which bias impact the process as early as creating the job description. The seminar focuses on concrete strategies and a hiring process to mitigate bias and yield an increased diverse pool of candidates. Core topics covered: The importance of diversity in hiring; dispelling of myths and understanding of bias in the process; understanding search committee roles; diverse recruitment strategies; and, dialogue to share ideas and successful practices.

Diversity & Retaining Faculty & Staff, Part II

Part two picks-up at the campus interview phase and focuses on hiring through retention of diverse faculty. A continued understanding of bias in the interview and selection phase is covered as well as specific strategies to retain diverse faculty. Core topics covered: Strategies for effective campus interviews; processes to effectively screen and select candidates; strategies to develop retention plans; and, dialogue to share ideas and successful practices.

  • Both parts qualify for Kent State University's Beyond Compliance certification.