Intercultural Development Inventory

The Intercultural Development Inventory is a valid, reliable, 50-item questionnaire that measures intercultural competence at the individual, group and organization level. The questionnaire takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete and should be completed prior to the training. During the training, participants will come to understand basic concepts of intercultural communication within a higher education context. Participants will receive a profile for their training group and have time to discuss these results within the context of their work at Kent State University. Finally, each participant will receive individual results and a personalized intercultural development plan designed to assist the participant to move along the intercultural development continuum toward an intercultural mindset. The individual results will be kept confidential and participants may elect to schedule a private debriefing to discuss their results. Note: There is a charge of $15 per participant, which covers the cost of purchasing the Intercultural Development Inventory. Kent State University units  pay via IDC.