Structure and Guidelines


  1. The Student Diversity Action Council (SDAC) is comprised of nine student delegates, led by a Chair and a Vice Chair. The Chair is also a student representative to the University Diversity Action Council (UDAC). Terms for these delegates consist of one academic year, with no restriction on serving multiple terms.
  2. To promote an effective working environment, the board is further divided into three committees. Each committee plays an important role in the operations of the executive board. The three committees are all chaired by a different person and consist of three SDAC representatives.
Committee on Outreach
  • Coordinates with multicultural student organizations and groups on campus; engages with departments, colleges and other institutional bodies on matters relevant to diversity and SDAC.
Committee on Reports
  • Surveys students on diversity relations; conducts group forums and seminars on diversity-related matters; compiles results into reports for SDAC to utilize for recommendations and projects.
Committee on Communications
  • Maintains social networking presence; advertises and markets SDAC to the student body; handles official communications of group.

Selection Process
  • All members of SDAC are appointed for a one-year term. They are nominated by a committee of the UDAC and ultimately confirmed by the Vice President of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This process begins near the end of the spring semester.
  • The selection process is open to all Kent State students. Nominees can be either undergraduate or graduate students.
Organizing Leadership
  • The Chair of the Student Diversity Action Council is always a student representative to UDAC. However, the Vice Chair is elected among the council members at the beginning of the fall semester. The Vice Chair is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Chair if the Chair is absent or unable to perform their duties.
  • Members voluntarily commit to one committee within the organization. Within each committee, they elect a Chair to help guide policy and distribute responsibilities.
General Public and Committee Meetings
  • The Student Diversity Action Council holds, at minimum, one public meeting per month. The public meetings are in a convenient location accessible to the public. There are additional meetings held during the month for the various committees, all of which are also open to the public.