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University Diversity Initiatives

The United States is rapidly becoming a more racially and ethnically diverse nation.   In 2010, the Census Bureau noted that blacks (12.6 percent), Hispanics (16.4 percent), and Native Americans (.9 percent) comprise 29.9 percent of the United States population.  Further, the Census Bureau projects that by 2050, non-Hispanic whites will constitute less than 53 percent of the American population while minorities will constitute more than 47 percent.  Conversely, when the representation of blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans pursuing advanced degrees is compared to the census data, it is clear that the representation of these racial and ethnic groups is considerably low in comparison to their peers.

DEI is leading several universitywide initiatives are underway to address these challenges:
  • Diversity Scorecard:  To close the disparity gap, the diversity scorecard process was developed as an approach to provide evidence-based attentiveness for the university stakeholders regarding race-based inequities among underrepresented students, faculty and staff. 
  • Diversifying and Retaining Faculty Training:  A targeted training is offered by the Division focused on supporting faculty and Colleges to diversify their recruitment pools and better support the success of African America, Latino American, and Native American faculty that are hired.  
  • Diversity Recruitment:  Each year top leadership attend the Southern Regional Education Board Institute for Teaching and Mentoring, a national conference supporting diverse doctoral scholars interested in pursuing faculty positions.  The conference generates hundreds of diverse candidates that are incorporated into our institutional African America, Latino American, and Native American database.  The database serves as a resource for departments and colleges to recruit a diverse pool of candidates for potential faculty positions.  
  • Diversity Faculty Support:  Each year DEI hosts an annual diversity faculty workshop and learning community.  The workshop provides tools and support for faculty research, teaching, and advancement. The learning community extends these workshops into a year-long series of workshops, led by our Faculty Associates. Kent State is also an institutional member of the National Faculty for Faculty Development and Diversity. 
  • Coordinated diverse student support to include various programs and initiatives such as the Male Empowerment Network, Sister Circle, Oscar Ritchie Scholars Guild, Kupita Transiciónes first-year orientation program, and the Academic STARS program.