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DSCI Pathways


     The Digital Systems Analysis pathway focuses on business data and software applications and the planning and management of computer information systems to meet an organization’s needs. It provides an intro to data science, data visualizations, and monitoring.


Possible careers:

System Designer | System Architect | Software Quality Assurance Analyst | Programmer Analyst | Business Analyst

     The Digital Systems Management pathway focuses on the technical leadership within an organization and the management of the computer information system and infrastructure to support business’ goals.


Possible careers:

Database Administrator | Information Security Analyst | Computer Network Architect | Business Analyst



     The Animation, Video, & Game Production pathway focuses on a technical foundation including creation of moving 2-D and 3-D imagery to produce applications, improving web interactions, and building dynamic presentations.


Possible careers:

Game Designer | Virtual Reality Specialist

| Video/Audio Technician | Animation Artist | Multimedia Designer | Technical Director



     The Cyber Security Planning & Monitoring pathway focuses on observing and monitoring computer architectures and infrastructures, both physical and digital, and providing organizations with solutions to maintain, enforce, and increase the security of those systems to prevent breaches and compromises.


Possible careers:

System Security Analyst | Cyber Security Engineer | Crime Intelligence Analyst | Data Scientist



     The Social Media Management pathway focuses on a firm foundation and understanding of the technology that creates the applications for social media. It also includes training in strategic management of social media campaigns, usability and analysis to improve customer-client engagement resulting in increased awareness, visibility, and sales.


Possible careers:

Content Manager | Associate Marketing Manager | Domain Manager | Public Relations Manager | Multimedia Specialist | Social Media Specialist



     The Software Development pathway focuses on computer programming software and application development for organizational infrastructures and mobile devices. Software development in this degree includes fundamentals of usability and creative design to produce innovate solutions to programming challenges.


Possible careers:

Software Engineer | Back-End Developer | App/Software Developer



     The Telecommunication Networks pathway focuses on foundation hardware and software that supports an organization’s communication infrastructure and the design and management of a telecommunication system and computer network.


Possible careers:

Network Analyst | Communications Technician | Network & Computer Systems Manager | Help Desk Technician | Computer Network Architects


     The Web Design, UXD, & Programming pathway focuses on creating dynamic web presence through innovative design, programming, and testing to provide multimedia communications that engage and inspire consumers to take action.


Possible careers:

Interaction Designer | User-Experience Developer | Digital Product Designer | User Interface Designer | Content Manager



Can’t decide which pathway to choose?

     While the nine Bachelor of Science pathways target specific career paths, a No Concentration option provides flexibility for students interested in other career paths within Digital Sciences. Advisors can give you advice on which pathway best suits you.